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Experience and Success

Avignone, Banick & Williams excels in criminal defense and many other complex areas of the law.

  • Criminal Defense

    This is the core of our practice, and we have a keen understanding of the intricacies involved in defending our clients. Whether they be accused of a misdemeanor first offense, felony DUI, a capital crime, or anything in between, we will find the optimal path for the best possible result under the law.

    Our lawyers and the investigators who work with them will gather the facts they need to apply the law in the manner that best suits each client. In some cases, we may be able to work with prosecutors to downgrade or dismiss charges that were too aggressive or simply wrong. In others, a jury trial is clearly the best option. There is no cookie-cutter approach. Every case is different, and the strategy for obtaining the best result may vary by jurisdiction. We have worked in them all, and have the knowledge and resources to develop and evolve our strategy until we ultimately achieve the optimal outcome for each unique case.

    We also deeply appreciate the circumstances in which our clients find themselves. The stress and uncertainty are visceral, and we work with each client to be sure they understand their options and walk them calmly through each step.

  • Family Law

    Family law is at its best as a proactive exercise, making sure wills, estates, prenuptial agreements and other relationships are clearly and completely communicated and documented. We listen carefully to understand what our clients are trying to accomplish, and then build a legal foundation for those goals.

    When disputes arise within a family, they can be particularly emotional and communication can be difficult. We work with our clients to understand the facts and look for the best resolution available to them under the law. If the other party is willing, innovative approaches to dispute resolution can often provide the fastest, most beneficial and least painful results for all sides.

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